Manage bullying incidents from one central location.

Safeguard your students and make it easier for them to speak up when bullied.

For Victims, By-standers, Parents & Teachers

Bullying victims find it hard to speak up. This solution makes it easier for anyone to report bullying incidents from any internet connected device, at any time. No registration & no login required.

For Counselors & Support Providers

Reduce manual work for your support staff, and standardize the process of managing bullying incidents via an easy to use web based console. Incidents can be reviewed and handled from one location, together with graphical reports.

For School Administrators & Education Institutes

Put an ear to the ground and take a pro-active approach against bullying in your schools. Get all the information you need, fast. Reduce your support costs and improve your reputation with this solution.

Safer Schools

Empower students, teachers, parents and bystanders to report bullying cases early, before a situation becomes worse.

Boost Efficiency

No more paperwork, spreadsheets, posted notes or manual data entry. All the features you need are available in one central console.


 Multiple counselors can monitor and manage bullying incidents together in real-time. All in one place & always online.

Easy to Deploy

100% online, so you don’t have to deal with any IT complications. Counselors can use this software with little to no training.

In your language

Your students can report incidents in their preferred language. If a language is not available, we will add it for free.


If you choose to allow it, you can accept anonymous bullying reports. This helps victims to speak up and overcome any embarrassment.

Reduce Costs

Prevention is better than cure. Address bullying earlier and reduce your spend on corrective actions, legal matters or public relations.

Get insights

Use the graphical dashboard and the compiled data to gain insight into how and where bullying is most predominant.

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